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About Us

Mobile Angel is an intelligent early warning triage system that enables reimbursable remote care. Our remote patient monitoring (RPM) app connects the clinic and patients to provide proactive care between clinic visits and minimize delays in helping distressed patients. The free mobile app helps clinics to track medication adherence and monitor symptoms in real time and quickly communicate with patients in a virtual care environment. With Mobile Angel, clinics can increase reimbursement options while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Mobile Angel in Practice

In addition to reducing patients’ quality of life and delaying treatment, these acute admissions are expensive, accounting for 48% of total cancer care expenditures.

Harvard Business Review

Patient reported outcomes (PRO) collection has proliferated in oncology, where it has been linked to improved symptom management, enhanced quality of life, and longer survival.

New England Journal of Medicine

… In the context of a changing health care delivery system where …patient centeredness is prioritized, symptom self-reporting engages patients as active participants and can improve the experience, efficiency, and outcomes of care.

Journal of Clinical Oncology

We took leading clinic and patient focused data...


...and engineered Mobile Angel



RPM can save clinic staff more than 60 minutes/day and offers reimbursement north of $250/patient/month.