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How can patients get involved?

Updated: Apr 28

In response to many questions about how patients might use the Mobile-Angel application without their clinic signing up?

First, this is new, and clinics are busy. If you have any symptoms, call your clinic and ask them to download and start using Mobile Angel. It’s free and takes about 5 minutes for them to set it up.

Other organizations that would like to monitor their employees or guests can set up a clinic on their own. A clinic can be any entity that needs to monitor the health status of a population (such as nursing homes, distributed employee teams, etc.)

Groups other than actual healthcare clinics may not benefit from some of the healthcare-specific features, but symptom reporting and monitoring are viewable in real-time and can help organizations stay up to date with the health status of their group.

To learn more about how to setup and use Mobile Angel, please view our User Guides

Mobile Angel is FREE to everyone and is available in the Apple iOS App Store under "Mobile Angel"

About Mobile Angel

Mobile Angel is an intelligent early warning triage system for cancer care. It connects the care team and patients to provide proactive care between clinic visits and minimize delays in helping distressed patients. The free mobile app allows clinics to monitor symptoms and medications in real time and quickly communicate with patients in a virtual care environment. The app prompts patients to self-report symptoms and sends notifications for medication reminders. This allows clinics to adjust priorities based on each patient’s specific needs. The clinical staff can instantly see an intelligently prioritized patient list on their mobile devices to determine which patients need attention and why. Mobile Angel is based in Denver, CO.

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