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Volunteer Team Donates 12,000 hours to a Free COVID-19 and Cancer Care TeleMonitoring app

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

COVID-19 & new apps spark permanent change in medical care with telemedicine options

Mobile Angel’s volunteer team has worked quickly to re-engineer their cancer care mobile app to help medical professionals manage at-risk and confirmed coronavirus patients in real-time.

The app is free to both clinics and patients and allows health providers to monitor patients with COVID-19 symptoms and communicate directly with them without the need for in-person visits. Through self-reported symptoms, the app automatically prioritizes a triage list for clinic staff to determine which patients need attention and why.

Mobile Angel also aggregates nationwide symptoms by health clinic location so public health professionals and healthcare providers can see trends in near real-time.

Telemedicine has emerged as the recommended option for patients to visit with their clinicians as the coronavirus pandemic has spread. Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, has said the worst thing patients can do is show up at a clinic with COVID-19 symptoms.

The White House has eased regulations to further promote telehealth using powerful apps like Mobile Angel. Under direction from President Trump, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has expanded reimbursement for over 80 services that can now be provided by telehealth technology. (Source: CMS) They are encouraging the public to make use of telemedicine apps for virtual visits and care from their healthcare providers.

The Mobile Angel app uses the benefits of telemedicine to not only offer a way for patients and clinics to communicate, but also provides medical professionals with a simple and effective way to monitor patient status through self-reported symptoms. The intelligently-sorted triage list helps providers to know which patients need urgent attention and to adjust treatment options based on an individual patient’s needs.

About Mobile Angel

Mobile Angel is an intelligent early warning triage system that enables reimbursable remote care. Our remote patient monitoring (RPM) app connects the clinic and patients to provide proactive care between clinic visits and minimize delays in helping distressed patients. The free mobile app helps clinics to track medication adherence and monitor symptoms in real time and quickly communicate with patients in a virtual care environment. With Mobile Angel, clinics can increase reimbursement options while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction. Mobile Angel is based in Denver, CO.

Xamarin Application Developed to Track and Manage COVID-19 in Real-Time

Volunteers re-engineer oncology treatment software to address coronavirus pandemic. With built-in telemedicine features, clinic staff can directly monitor patients while reducing in-person visits and potential exposure. Read More.

How will the Care Team be more efficient? Why will Patients do this? What CPT codes can be reimbursed?

Our Frequently Asked Questions section has more information on how clinics and organizations with at-risk populations (such as nursing homes or cancer care centers) can benefit from using the Mobile Angel app. Learn More.

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